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Kindle Direct Publish

The projects managed by Kindle Direct Publications are subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

Revision Policy

Your choice of package will determine the revision. Please get in touch with us if you'd want unlimited free modifications; we'll make changes as long as the design and concept are kept the same. Revisions take 48 hours to process.

Refund Guidelines

In all circumstances, any money paid upfront is non-refundable if you approve the initial designs or request modifications unless Kindle Direct Publication terminates your contract for reasons other than your own breach or failure to perform.

The following terms govern refund eligibility:

  • You can request a refund when the initial logo designs are presented. However, the moment you approve or seek changes in these primary designs, you forfeit your right to a refund.
  • After the project has moved into the revision stage, no refund requests will be honored.
  • If you seek a refund before the initial design concepts are delivered, you'll be eligible for a full refund minus a 10% administrative fee.
  • Refund requests made within 48 hours will be eligible for a 66% refund (excluding a 10% administrative fee).
  • If you make a refund request 48-96 hours post the initial design delivery, you'll qualify for a 33% refund (minus a 10% service and processing fee).
  • No refund requests will be entertained after 96 hours of the initial design delivery. We prioritize customer satisfaction, so please contact us with any concerns you may have.
  • If the customer remains inactive for more than 7 working days, refund requests will not be entertained. If you wish to resume the project, you'll be charged a fee based on the project’s specifics.
  • Refund requests will be void if the customer becomes unresponsive for over 5 working days.
  • All refund applications must go through our support department. Kindle Direct Publication holds the right to approve or reject any refund request on a case-by-case basis.
  • No refunds will be provided after the final project files are delivered.
  • For website packages, no refunds will be provided once you approve the initial design mock-ups or any internal pages.
  • Refund requests for Kindle Direct Publication/Custom packages follow the same guidelines as single packages.
  • If you order both logo and web design services and only approve the logo, you may still be eligible for a web service refund at the time of the initial design.
  • A refund request should have a valid reason aligned with the original project brief and feedback given for revisions. No refunds will be provided unless the design is not in accordance with the brief, although further revisions will be provided until you're satisfied.
  • Both parties (Kindle Direct Publication & the client) agree not to publicly disparage each other or any employees, associates, or partners on public forums, blogs, or social media. Violations will result in financial penalties determined by the non-breaching party.
  • Our Money-Back Guarantee is contingent upon good faith. If a client places orders with multiple agencies for the same project intending to request a refund, we reserve the right to decline the refund.
  • For successful project completion, client participation and feedback are crucial throughout the design process.
  • Our 100% Unique Design Guarantee ensures you receive a new logo if the one we design closely resembles an existing one. Any similarities to existing designs are purely coincidental, and Kindle Direct Publication is not liable for any claims or compensations. Clients are responsible for copyrighting their artwork.

How to Request a Refund

To ensure that your refund request is processed and approved efficiently, please ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • 1. Express your concern and request a refund in one of three ways:

    • i. Toll Free (888) 409-2959
    • ii. Live Chat.
    • iii. Email. (company email)

We will endeavor to respond promptly to your questions or concerns in accordance with our Review Policy. Otherwise, our refund department will send you an approval email for your refund request.

After a refund, the rights to the design will revert to Kindle Direct Publications and you will no longer be able to view the validly submitted version of the design. 1. Design rights are now assigned to Kindle Direct Publication, so you have no right (directly or indirectly) to use, or ownership of, the answers, content, work items, or other media; You agree that you have no rights to that kind of content.

1. Since the rights to design would now be transferred to Kindle Direct Publish, you concur that you will have no right (immediate or circuitous) to use any reaction or other substance, work item or media, nor will you have any ownership interest for or to the same.

2. In collaboration with state copyright authorities, Kindle Direct Publication will share copyright acquisition data on reimbursement plans, thereby limiting reuse of future designs as original designs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact us by clicking here (company's email).

Your Account Dashboard

Your Account Dashboard serves as an effective communication hub. It's entirely your job to routinely inspect this section for any designer instructions, queries, questions, or concerns. Failing to regularly monitor your account could obstruct your ability to claim a refund. Should you encounter difficulties navigating your Account Dashboard, our customer support is readily available to assist you.

Commitment to Quality

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we mandate our designers to closely follow the guidelines set by you in the order form. Each design undergoes comprehensive research to guarantee both quality and originality.

Unconditional Satisfaction Pledge

Depending on your chosen package, we are committed to refining your design until it meets your full satisfaction.

Web Hosting and Domain Name

Complimentary domain and hosting services are included in selected packages.

Email accounts associated with your website can be integrated with third-party email platforms like Outlook.

Opting out of our hosting service will result in the forfeiture of associated email accounts.

Dispatch Procedures

All design materials are uploaded to the "My Account" section on the promised deadline as stated in the "Order Confirmation." A notification email will also be dispatched to alert the client when their designs have been uploaded. The application of our modification and reimbursement policies are contingent on the time and date of design delivery to the "My Account" section.

Design files are uploaded to the "My Account" area according to the date detailed in the "Order Confirmation." An accompanying notification email is sent to the client. Revision and refund terms apply based on the timestamp of this delivery.

Customized orders will be sent to the client’s email within a span of 5 to 7 days post-order confirmation.

For expedited delivery, an additional $100 fee will provide you with your initial logo within 24 hours. For more information, consult our customer support.

File Retention

Post-final delivery, your design files are archived. Should you require these files again, we can resend them via email upon request.

Certainly, here's a rephrased version of the sections you've specified:

Customer Assistance

Our customer support is available around the clock to address any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us at any time, and you can expect a swift response.

Communication Guidelines

You agree that Kindle Direct Publication is not responsible for any communications coming from email addresses or toll-free numbers not explicitly listed on our website. We only take responsibility for interactions originating from our official domain, "info@kdp," or from toll-free numbers specifically listed on our website.

Assurance of Refund

We stand behind the quality of our work, offering a money-back guarantee. Should we fail to exceed your expectations, a refund will be issued.

Commitment to Originality

At Kindle Direct Publication, we ensure each of our logos is created from scratch, adhering to your specific design guidelines. We commit to delivering a logo that is both skillful and in total alignment with your project brief.

Video Animation Revision Guidelines

Policy on Revisions

The scope of revisions is determined by the package you choose. We offer limitless revisions at no additional cost, provided the original design and idea are preserved. Changes will be completed within a 2-day period. The breakdown of revisions per package is as follows:

  • STANDARD: Endless Revisions on Storyboards
  • PRO: Endless Revisions on Storyboards
  • PREMIUM: Endless Revisions on Storyboards

Note: The term 'unlimited revisions' applies only when the original design and concept are retained. Changing to a new concept after selecting an initial one is not permitted.